04♂ ▪ 04♀ ▪ 08 TOTAL

erminestar // lanky white tom with blue eyes and a twisted jaw.

OPEN // this position is currently available.

finchfur // calico she-cat with long fur, a thick tail, and pale green eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

thunderclan reports excellent prey and adequate herb growth. dark clouds gather over the forest, obscuring the moon.
02♂ ▪ 03♀ ▪ 05 TOTAL

mothstar // small long-furred grey and white tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes.

closed // this position is closed temporarily for plot purposes. check back later!

lavendernose // dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with cloudy blue eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

windclan reports adequate prey and adequate herb growth. dark clouds gather over the moor, obscuring the moon.
03♂ ▪ 03♀ ▪ 00∅ ▪ 06 TOTAL

whitestar // white she-cat with long fur, yellow eyes, and a scarred nose.

OPEN // this position is currently available.

quillfrost // gaunt, medium-furred black smoke tabby tom with pale, clouded blue eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

riverclan reports excellent prey and excellent herb growth. there is the faintest twinkle in the starlight over the river.
04♂ ▪ 05♀ ▪ 09 TOTAL

rainstar // silver spotted she-cat with tawny markings and blue eyes.

cedarclaw // large dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

hickoryleaf // brown spotted tom with green eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

shadowclan reports adequate prey and excellent herb growth. the stars glitter unreadably over the marsh at night.
01♂ ▪ 00♀ ▪ 01 TOTAL

00♂ ▪ 00♀ ▪ 00 TOTAL

00♂ ▪ 00♀ ▪ 00 TOTAL

02♂ ▪ 00♀ ▪ 02 TOTAL


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welcome to anathaema, or AE, as we affectionately refer to it! here you will find all the required reading for your stay on our site. it includes the rules as well as our member directory and other information! we really recommend that you poke through here before you do anything else, but if you still have questions after reading everything, feel free to ask any of our members or staff!

17 16 Sep 9 2017, 07:25 PM
In: coins & SHOP
By: starclan
no new posts announcements
if something important is going on, you'll be able to read about it here! this is where we post news of sitewide updates, otm nominations and voting, and activity checks. it's a very important place, so we'd recommend keeping an eye on it!

4 12 Dec 26 2017, 08:43 PM
By: hawk

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no new posts the common room
for general discussion --- feel free to talk about anything here!

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no new posts thread trackers
if you'd like to compile a list of your current, completed, and future threads, this is the place to do it. a list of open threads can be found in our handbook.

9 12 Nov 15 2017, 05:03 PM
In: You or Your Memory
By: coffee
no new posts plotters
looking for a friend for your character, a mate, an enemy? be sure to provide a brief overview of what you'd be interested in getting done with your character in your primary post, along with any other details you'd like to include. we ask that each member keep to one thread for all their characters within the main board.

Subforums: mates, kits, parents + siblings, allies + enemies, adoptions, deaths, mentor-apprentice pairings

22 80 Nov 22 2017, 11:10 AM
By: citrus
no new posts histories
for collections of character one-shots taking place in the past. one thread per member.

5 5 Nov 18 2017, 11:10 AM
In: Everything under the sun is...
By: wrenfoot

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no new posts character creation
the most important first step of any story is to create your character, and here is where you may do it. there is a template available within this board for you to use - from there, it's up to you to make the magic happen! make sure to post your character's application in the correct subboard, as we like to keep things tidy around here.

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26 21 Jun 13 2018, 06:32 PM
In: Tigerstorm
By: tigerstorm
no new posts the character collective
here is where you may find all the characters currently active on AE. they are sorted by clan affiliation for your convenience! feel free to peruse. you never know what plots you may come up with!

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37 1 Nov 19 2017, 06:16 PM
In: rowanstripe
By: rowanstripe

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no new posts thunderclan camp
a gorse tunnel leads to the remnants of an old riverbed long since reduced to a sandy ravine, opening into a dusty clearing edged with thick grass, ferns, and a tangled wall of protective brambles. the clearing itself is peppered with aging tree stumps and fallen branches.

Subforums: highrock + leader's den, medicine cat's den, warriors' + apprentices' dens, nursery + elders' den, thunderclan archive

4 28 Sep 14 2017, 12:24 PM
In: [complete] i'm a mouth ...
By: pitchstripe
no new posts the forest
thunderclan's territory spans the majority of the forest, a woodland rife with trees both standing and fallen, trickling streams, clumps of boulders and shear rock, and ground thick with moss and heavy leaf litter. other than a few well trodden paths cut through by generations of patrols, the forest is a dense and wild place.

Subforums: firsthome, great sycamore, snakerocks, owl tree, sandy hollow, tallpines + treecutplace

5 8 Feb 2 2018, 06:45 PM
In: The Ground Beneath Us
By: waspwing

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no new posts shadowclan camp
a small hollow ringed in dense brambles, the ground of this camp is moist and spongy, freezing over in leafbare. the entrance is a narrow thorn tunnel, and pine needles litter the ground throughout, with thick pockets of ferns surrounding each den.

Subforums: nightstone + leader's den, medicine cat's den, warriors' + apprentices' dens, nursery + elders' den, shadowclan archive

5 8 Dec 6 2017, 11:23 AM
In: thorns and hazel trees
By: hazelpaw
no new posts the marsh
shadowclan's territory is a wide expanse of cool, moist ground dotted with pine trees and clusters of brambles. fallen needles from the pines sometimes blanket the soil, allowing easier passage over areas usually choked with mud where the ground dips low. the marsh does not appear to be a particularly appealing place for twolegs, buying shadowclan a degree of protection with its unsavory terrain.

Subforums: burnt sycamore, tailwend, thunderpath tunnel, silverfell, brightmire, carrionplace

7 21 Jan 21 2018, 11:07 PM
In: someone flying, only stolen
By: finchfur

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no new posts riverclan camp
a large, well-drained island surrounded by dense reeds, this camp half rests, half floats on marshy ground, allowing it to rise safely during floods. all of the dens are made of tightly woven reeds and adorned with small rocks and shells from the river. can only be reached by swimming in greenleaf and traversing shelves of ice in leafbare. a grassy track weaves between the sedge bushes that grow throughout the camp.

Subforums: willow root + leader's den, medicine cat's den, warriors' + apprentices' dens, nursery + elders' den, riverclan archive

8 36 Dec 17 2017, 02:11 PM
In: ✶ they came snapping at y...
By: whitestar
no new posts the fields
riverclan's territory consists of reedy wetlands at its heart before transitioning into the flat plains of the outermost farming fields. rows of wooden fencing criss cross the territory and corral sheep, horses, and other animals within their confines. a twoleg campsite is situated beside the farm, with one wide trail leading to the gorge.

Subforums: river, twoleg bridge, shallowstep, minnow pool, beech copse

4 16 Jan 12 2018, 02:32 PM
In: [complete] make me feel the...
By: jaycloud

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no new posts windclan camp
a dry, sheltered, well-hidden hollow surrounded by dense gorse and tall grass, this camp is dotted with old dens used by other animals long ago. though many windclan cats prefer to sleep under the open sky, harsh weather sometimes drives them back into the dry burrows that lie nestled in the camp's sandy ground.

Subforums: graywood + leader's den, medicine cat's den, warriors' + apprentices' dens, nursery + elders' den, windclan archive

4 19 Jan 10 2018, 05:35 PM
In: I'm still fighting for ...
By: quillfrost
no new posts the moor
windclan's territory consists entirely of rolling moorland with faint hills and dips ocassionally broken up by rocks and stretches of taller grass. trees are next to nonexistent, but the land harbors an intricate warren of underground tunnels carved out by a variety of animals long ago.

Subforums: abandoned badger set, outlook rock, the tunnels, skyroot, berry summit

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In: ----

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no new posts the gorge
running between riverclan and windclan territory is the gorge, the uppermost part of the river with steep rock walls and swift, choppy white water. it is considered a dangerous place by all the clans, even by those cats who are strong swimmers. the water itself is treacherous, but solid stones within the current add another layer of hidden danger. battles along the edge of the gorge are as risky as they are rare; many warriors have fallen to their deaths, their bodies seldom recovered.
riverclan-windclan border

0 0 --
In: ----
no new posts the thunderpath
an oily, acrid stretch of dark gray stone, the thunderpath cuts along the other side of the forest, effectively dividing shadowclan and thunderclan territory. a path on which monsters race day and night, many cats have been hurt or killed attempting to cross it. the thunderpath is laced with a sour, stinging scent thanks to the frequency of the monsters traveling its length, with certain hours marked by heavier movement than others. prey and predator alike know to fear traversing its dark surface; a swift death awaits those with careless steps.
shadowclan-thunderclan border

1 3 Feb 5 2018, 05:30 PM
In: ✶ hold me tight...or don...
By: privetfur
no new posts the riverbanks
serving as the border between thunderclan and riverclan territory, the river features a dense treeline on one side and thick reeds on the other, with rocks strewn heavily along both banks. some stones poke through the surface in certain areas, creating a path on which to cross when the water is low. it is sometimes possible to cross in leafbare when the river is frozen, but the risk of falling through the ice is often deemed too great.
riverclan-thunderclan border

Subforums: sunningrocks

3 3 Dec 21 2017, 01:01 PM
In: we hope that you choke
By: waspwing
no new posts the passage
a short concrete twoleg bridge spanning the breadth of a sharp dip in the earth, this low but relatively wide and arching gap leads under the thunderpath between windclan and shadowclan territory. unlike the secret thunderpath tunnel leading from the marsh, this passage is more spacious, with the floor covered in a fine grit and sunlight easily illuminating the curved walls.
windclan-shadowclan border

1 3 Jun 23 2017, 06:26 AM
In: ascension
By: rainstar

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
no new posts fourtrees
a massive, steep-sided hollow lined with four great oaks, fourtrees serves as the sacred meeting place of the clans. at its center sits the great rock, a jagged stone on which the clan leaders sit during gatherings, times when the clans converge on fourtrees to share what news they bring from their home territories. though it is now strictly a place of peace, especially during the full moon, fourtrees was once the site of a great battle that led to the creation of the clans.

Subforums: gatherings

2 58 Nov 27 2017, 04:59 PM
In: sha la la la la la my oh my
By: cedarclaw
no new posts highstones
the site of an abandoned twoleg mine, highstones is a dark landscape of jagged stone peaks and dusty gravel ground peppered with clumps of heather. along its southern border is mothermouth, a deep, tunneling cave and a sacred place to every clan. first discovered by an ancient windclan cat, highstones is a deeply secretive and lonesome place. it harbors little prey and thus few predators, adding to its quiet desolation.

Subforums: mothermouth

1 15 Feb 15 2017, 10:37 PM
In: [complete] ✥ HUNTING MOON...
By: finchfur
no new posts whiterock
nested within the rocky spires of highstones lies a small abandoned quarry currently unknown to the clans, the dusty monster track leading out from its depths sealed off with rubble and a rusted gate. the rogues and loners who frequent its alabaster walls call it whiterock, a place of tentative peace among those who belong nowhere. fights are not uncommon, but an unspoken understanding typically prevents complete anarchy, establishing whiterock as a rugged haven for drifters and outcasts. the desiccated corpses of strangely shaped monsters -- so unlike those seen along thunderpaths -- lie still and silent among the pale ruins, with patches of thick vegetation growing stubbornly out from fissures in the walls and scattered piles of stony debris. A twoleg path cut into the rock spirals lazily downward, leading to a circular basin filled with rainwater. At night whiterock’s marbled walls glimmer faintly, carrying traces of the same ghostly material that makes up the nearby moonstone.

1 0 Aug 30 2016, 06:16 PM
By: hawk
no new posts twoleg farm + barn
beyond the northern border of windclan territory sits a twoleg farm with a massive wooden barn. a popular resting place for clan cats returning home from highstones, the barn is packed full of towering bales of hay and with them an abundance mice. the barn is also not unfamiliar to most rogues and loners. the farm is home to several varieties of livestock as well as a sprawling field for growing crops and other goods. the twoleg nest at the far end is relatively small, with its residents often seen working the farm during the day. a pair of dogs are kept on the premises, but alternate between being tied up and running loose.

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In: ----
no new posts twolegplace
as its name suggests, twolegplace is the main home of the forest's twolegs. laid out in a grid with rows of small, generally quiet thunderpaths and tall imposing nests, twolegplace, while a generally peaceful area, is not without its dangers. loners and bands of aggressive kittypets can be considerable threats against even the most seasoned warriors, and loose dogs are not uncommon. the twolegs themselves are not unknown to capture or even attack wayward clan cats, with many returning after moons of absence, if at all.

1 7 Jan 3 2018, 07:30 AM
In: something wild
By: pitchstripe

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
no new posts archives
old threads, both in character and out of character, will be stored here, along with other types of old posts left around AE.

Subforums: in character, out of character

381 705 Dec 20 2017, 09:39 AM
In: asterheart
By: asterheart
no new posts advertising + affiliating
please post in the appropriate sub-board, not the main board, unless you have questions. guest friendly.

Subforums: first link, link back, affiliation

874 10 Yesterday at 02:27 pm
In: Heart of the Forest: a Warr...
By: Oakley

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