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erminestar // lanky white tom with blue eyes and a twisted jaw.

OPEN // this position is currently available.

finchfur // calico she-cat with long fur, a thick tail, and pale green eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

thunderclan reports excellent prey and adequate herb growth. dark clouds gather over the forest, obscuring the moon.
02♂ ▪ 03♀ ▪ 05 TOTAL

mothstar // small long-furred grey and white tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes.

closed // this position is closed temporarily for plot purposes. check back later!

lavendernose // dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with cloudy blue eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

windclan reports adequate prey and adequate herb growth. dark clouds gather over the moor, obscuring the moon.
03♂ ▪ 03♀ ▪ 00∅ ▪ 06 TOTAL

whitestar // white she-cat with long fur, yellow eyes, and a scarred nose.

OPEN // this position is currently available.

quillfrost // gaunt, medium-furred black smoke tabby tom with pale, clouded blue eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

riverclan reports excellent prey and excellent herb growth. there is the faintest twinkle in the starlight over the river.
04♂ ▪ 05♀ ▪ 09 TOTAL

rainstar // silver spotted she-cat with tawny markings and blue eyes.

cedarclaw // large dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

hickoryleaf // brown spotted tom with green eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

shadowclan reports adequate prey and excellent herb growth. the stars glitter unreadably over the marsh at night.
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The Ground Beneath Us


<div class="body">
Mornings like these were precious things. <p>Seldom this newleaf did the sky cast off its overcast cloak in favor of sunlight for adornment, but today Wrenfoot suspects it wears not even a single cloud. In the center of camp, where boughs above cannot reach out to belie the sun’s presence, she feels its warmth generously against her back, a welcome imbibement after so many moons passed beneath the banner of clouds. It grants her a spirited brio which she finds herself eager to not let go to waste (however much she might like to linger and enjoy the rare sunshine), and toes her way across clan camp where Waspwing’s scent catches on her tongue, finding him lounging out beneath the day’s warm light.
<p>A display of laziness, perhaps, among so many cats already set about their days, but who could blame him, really? She seats herself beside him, flicking her tail where she finds his nose in hopes of rousing him to consciousness with some mild, deliberate annoyance.
<p>“Come, you great dormouse.” she says, though there is an obvious shine to her voice that betrays her good mood. “I should like to have the Thunderpath border checked before the sun falls out of the sky at least.”

<div class="tag">waspwing<br>+ 207 <br>notes :: There were evening moments enough to steal <br>for this small and simple starter tonight, after all!</div>
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</div></div> <a href=""><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>


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Nov 15 2017, 06:16 PM
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<h2>matter of fact, it's all dark</h2>

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Nov 6 2017, 12:09 PM
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Lawful Good

</div><div class="BADGER"><div class="augurtitle">&nbsp;


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<div class="oocinfo">

ve/ver || EST<br>
<b>DISCORD</b>: dormouse #2906<br>

</div></div></div></div><div style="float: right; width: 300px; height: 241px; overflow: auto;"><div class="ntitle">

Wrenfoot of Thunderclan</div><div class="nsubtitle">
Wrenkit - Wrenpaw - Wrenfoot</div>

<div id="bioblurb">
<b>Wrenfoot</b> is a <b>38</b> moon old <b>warrior</b> and a <i>lithe brown she-cat with bleary yellowish eyes</i>. she is called <b>wren</b> for <i>the simple browns and tans of her fur</i>, and <b>foot</b> for <i>her quiet, delicate manner of moving</i>.<p>

<div style="font-size: 10px; font-family: 'lekton'; letter-spacing: 0px; text-align: center;">

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<div class="divTableCell"><b>strength</b><br>
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</div><div class="divTableCell"><b>constitution</b><br>
</div><div class="divTableRow">

<div class="divTableCell"><b>intellect</b><br>
</div><div class="divTableCell"><b>intimidation</b><br>
</div><div class="divTableCell"><b>charisma</b><br>

<div style="clear: both;"></div><div id="biobody"><div class="tab"><button class="tablinks" onclick="openCity(event, 'appearance')" id="defaultOpen">appearance</button><button class="tablinks" onclick="openCity(event, 'personality')">personality</button><button class="tablinks" onclick="openCity(event, 'history')">history</button></div>

<div id="appearance" class="detailcontent">
<p> In what she imagines was intended as a kind gesture, Wrenfoot was named not for the bleary, unfocused ‘stare’ of her eyes, but instead the plain browns and tans of her fur, which she’s been told resemble in some way the feathering of a wren. Whatever resemblance may lie to a sighted individual, though, Wrenfoot herself has found little similarity to speak of. If only ever in a private way, the she-cat spent much of her youth fairly irritable about this namesake; it bothered her to be named for a likeness that she could neither understand nor appreciate, and was greatly pleased when her warrior name was given, guiding the comparison away from color and toward measures that she could take some modicum of pride in.
<p> Her fur, beyond its color, is short in length (a trait which she is greatly appreciative of, as keeping herself nicely groomed is difficult enough a task without the frustration of a long, whispy pelt to fuss and agonize over). She is lithe in build, with a sharpness to the cut of her face that might have given her a look of fierceness were it not for vacant glaze of her eye.
<p> Though she takes great care to keep it from showing, Wrenfoot does not imagine herself to be an especially attractive creature. More than once her blank stare has been described by other cats as unnerving, and though she has no concept of color or what is entails, she’s gathered that ‘brown’ is, as colors go, a fairly unremarkable one. Although it wouldn’t be quite accurate to say that it troubles her greatly, the matter does weigh against her heart with some gentle gravity from time to time. To counter this, Wrenfoot makes a point of moving in as graceful a manner as she is able and speak in a slow, even voice that comes across fairly elegantly.

<div id="personality" class="detailcontent">
<p> Wrenfoot, in a word, could described as pragmatic first and foremost. She is a cat who has come to understand her own abilities and limitations extremely well—a matter that has been deeply important to establishing her independence. In general she gets along well without aid, but there are simply some things that cannot be done without sight. Hunting, namely, is a difficult task for her, one which becomes increasingly difficult the smaller the prey. She is more likely on a hunt to snatch a hare every now and again than she is provide smaller fair with any regularity. For this reason, she is often delegated to patrols of clan borders and such tasks that lend better to her strengths. On occasion, she might be sent along on a hunt for the aid of her very fine hearing, but this is an anomaly largely restricted to leaf-bare.

<p> A generous cat might describe Wrenfoot as “perfectly polite”, if not overwhelmingly friendly. Though she is not unkind, Wrenfoot struggles to empathize and relate to her clanmates much of the time, as indeed they tend to struggle relating to her. She is a cat that understands herself extremely well and understands others extremely poorly, one might say. This difficulty engaging socially often comes across as standoffish or otherwise distant and dispassionate.
<p> Often overwhelmed with the sensation that she must complete each task thrice as well as her peers to prove herself their equal (however distantly this may reflect reality), Wrenfoot is possessed of a habit to focus entirely too much on herself, resulting an unforgiving self-scrutiny as well an unintended side-effect of not paying adequate attention to the accomplishments of others. Often she will be too caught up in private chastisings to commend or thank her clanmates properly. <br>To whatever lengths she may go to disguise the matter, these private standards and expectations to which she holds herself have had an undoubted effect upon her psyche. It is her habit to treat an average day as a trying one, and so when true crises do arise she is liable to break beneath the gravity of them—if not all at once. Her propensity for swallowing emotion earns Wrenfoot that pernicious trade-off, to bottle panic in a moment of need and feign mettle ‘til some quiet hour finds and rends her racing heart amid the great, mysterious dark of the world.
<p> Although not a cat especially concerned with strictly defining the borders of her personal bubble, she does not care to be touched roughly or without warning. Carefulness is beyond doubt the defining characteristic of her manner of engaging with the world, and such a trait does not come out of thin air: The world that lies beyond the earth on which she rests her paw is at every moment mysterious to her in a way that no sighted cat can understand. She does not care for sudden movements or surprises.


<div id="history" class="detailcontent">
<p>|| kin.
<br> Whatever twist of fate it was that caused Wrenfoot to be born in so dark a world, her siblings did not weather similar. From her very first days, then, Wrenfoot has known the cleft of empathy between herself and sighted cats. She does not resent her littermates, nor her parents, yet despite whatever warm affections they may know for one-another in theory, their divide in experience and understanding has always been felt in a way that is difficult to set entirely aside. Rather than animosity, she feels that wealth of distance that sits between them with an ache—a longing, even. So strangely cruel, it seems to her; that so uncanny an estrangement could exist at all, resting between them like a wall even as they share tongues in the morning hour. Perhaps some day they shall find a way to speak past it, find the words to know each other despite the unease of childhoods lived strangely apart. Til then, she supposes it is better to have kin that she may hear beyond a distant hedge than no kin at all.

<p>|| warriorhood.
<br> The difficulties Wrenfoot met in directing herself for a pounce came as no great surprise to her or her mentor (nor any cat, truly). Despite her fine hearing and careful way of moving through the underbrush, one simply cannot aim with great precision without sight, and so in her apprenticeship Wrenfoot saw herself misjudge a leap many dozen times over.
<br>She would never be a fine hunter. This she knew well before the words themselves were spoken aloud to her.
<br>Instead, the focus of her training became centered upon her form—in knowing her body and the gravity with which it pressed against the earth. So fine and careful did her manner of step become, it has been said her warrior name was chosen when she once felt loose earth beneath her paw and leapt to safer ground before it even began to move beneath her.
<br>To this day, though her aim itself may never be envied, Wrenfoot’s form is widely agreed to be impeccable, and it is not uncommon for her to be called upon to demonstrate for young apprentices how they ought to model themselves.



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