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erminestar // lanky white tom with blue eyes and a twisted jaw.

OPEN // this position is currently available.

finchfur // calico she-cat with long fur, a thick tail, and pale green eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

thunderclan reports excellent prey and adequate herb growth. dark clouds gather over the forest, obscuring the moon.
02♂ ▪ 03♀ ▪ 05 TOTAL

mothstar // small long-furred grey and white tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes.

closed // this position is closed temporarily for plot purposes. check back later!

lavendernose // dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with cloudy blue eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

windclan reports adequate prey and adequate herb growth. dark clouds gather over the moor, obscuring the moon.
03♂ ▪ 03♀ ▪ 00∅ ▪ 06 TOTAL

whitestar // white she-cat with long fur, yellow eyes, and a scarred nose.

OPEN // this position is currently available.

quillfrost // gaunt, medium-furred black smoke tabby tom with pale, clouded blue eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

riverclan reports excellent prey and excellent herb growth. there is the faintest twinkle in the starlight over the river.
04♂ ▪ 05♀ ▪ 09 TOTAL

rainstar // silver spotted she-cat with tawny markings and blue eyes.

cedarclaw // large dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

hickoryleaf // brown spotted tom with green eyes.

PENDING // this position is open by request only.

shadowclan reports adequate prey and excellent herb growth. the stars glitter unreadably over the marsh at night.
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 Posted: Sep 12 2016, 05:20 PM
thunderclan leader


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played by kennedy
a lanky white tom with blue eyes and a twisted jaw

erminekit - erminepaw - erminejaw

age: eighty-two moons
gender: tom
sexuality: heterosexual

allegiance blurb:
a lanky white tom with blue eyes
and a twisted jaw.
clan: thunderclan
rank: leader

reason for name:
ermine: for his white coat resembling
the creature's winter one.
jaw: for his twisted jaw.


built with lanky limbs that seem like they don't belong in thunderclan's biome, an impressive stark white coat seals the deal that this tom won't be blending into the browns and greens. from head to toe erminestar is coated in medium length fur, much softer around his ears than anywhere else, while trained muscle remains beneath. among the scars that are scattered along his built frame, erminestar's most notable feature and namesake is his twisted jaw. broken during a rush to clamber over riverclan's stones, the only reason it doesn't look more mutilated is due to the riverclan medicine cat's care. while not as handsome as he once was going into being, erminestar has come to terms with living and fighting with such a disability, not allowing it to hold him back from his clan.


+ cunning, vigilant, decisive, honorable

erminestar has always been a smart tom. since apprenticehood, he had been praised for his vigilance and thoughtful performance in and out of battle. not only was he successful in getting what he wanted, erminestar could be a sort of wordsmith in the way he could charm someone to do his bidding. how? he waited and watched, being carefully decisive. while some decisions are not easy in clan life, erminestar also isn't afraid to make the tough ones that other's may not be willing to make; in a way, it may not even seem like he's batting an eye over something of importance. additionally, erminestar is quite the honorable tom and considers, and hopes, his clan to be the same way. although he enjoys using his claws more than his words, it doesn't mean that he would be willing to claim another life. erminestar upholds the warrior code.

- contemptuous, phlegmatic, combative, opportunistic

having been called emotionless, detached, or even stoic, phlegmatic is the best way to describe erminestar. not having ever been the best at sharing his feelings, the tom's most natural expression is even a blank, uncaring one. despite this, erminestar cares fiercely for his fellow clanmates. also having been labeled as contemptuous, it goes well with how terribly opportunistic he is. if a clan has collapsed, metaphorically on it's knees, erminestar is more than willing to run up and kick them in their jugular. he's fiercely proud of thunderclan and if the opportunity arises, expect him to strike. this also stems out combative he is. always eager to use his claws, you wont be able to tell how far you have gotten under his skin until they are tearing into your throat.



▪ juniper, deceased mother.
        ▪ hazelnose, adoptive mother.
▪ longtail, father.
        ▪ hemlocktail, adoptive father.

▪ swanface, sister.
▪ lavenderwing, sister.
        ▪ doveclaw, adoptive sister.
        ▪ larchbelly, adoptive sister.

▪ thrushpelt, deceased ex-mate.


erminekit’s first moments in life were spent cuddled up next to his dead mother’s body and his sister’s, lightkit and softkit’s, equally cooling frames; their only saving grace had been their father, longtail, happening upon them. juniper had only ever revealed to her mate she had been pregnant a moon or so ago, refusing the tom’s attempts to get her to join thunderclan upon the fact that she still continued to not agree with their beliefs. closer towards her kitten’s birth, an admittance had even been made to longtail: she wanted to keep her kits with her, as loners. as one would expect, the two had had an argument that led longtail to not see his mate out in their usual meeting spot for days. it was only upon luck that now, on an hunting patrol, that he had found juniper’s body and their three kittens. obviously having passed from blood loss, longtail didn’t have long to grieve as his next priority was to get the kittens to camp. given to a queen who still had enough milk for the three young bundles, longtail didn’t have any trouble keeping himself away from the nursery; he had loved juniper and hadn’t wanted kittens in the beginning. her pregnancy had gone unexpected and now without her here, the option to slip away from fatherhood was there and the tom greedily took it. so, erminekit and his sister’s grew up under the belief that hazelnose and hemlocktail were their parents and that dovepaw and larchpaw were their recently apprenticed older sisters.

although hazelnose would have had her chance to escape the nursery, the she-cat never minded taking care of the new kitten’s in her possession. quickly, erminekit and his sisters were becoming her own. even as they begun to roam camp, getting into as much trouble as they wanted to, the she-cat never regretted her decision. even her mate, hemlocktail, treated them as sweetly as he had with their first litter; and that was hard for a large, burly tom such as himself. throughout erminekit’s kithood, he never suspected anything to be wrong about their little family and having been brought in from day one, into the most accepting clan, no one had anything to say about it either.

eventually, those six moons passed and the trio were passed off onto the paws of another warrior and hazelnose could finally escape the nursery. apprenticed to a she-cat of the name thrushpelt, they were easily the most contrasted felines. thrushpelt was a dark pelted she-cat, tabby striped and gentle while erminepaw was a young, sleek pelted white tom and excited to learn how to dig his claws into his enemies pelt. under the watchful eye of his mentor, erminepaw was capable of becoming an impressive young cat. in their training sessions, he was vigilant and attentive enough to capture every movement from her and nearly expect what she’d do next. lucky for him, erminepaw was a quick learner. however, that also meant he was more than eager to use his claws rather than words in conflict situations that earned him nearly a moon of punishment under thrushpelt’s watchful eye – but erminepaw had been awfully proud of the scars he’d leave on that shadowclan cat’s cheek.

toward’s erminepaw’s thirteenth moon, it was obvious to the young tom that thrushpelt was thinking he could be made a warrior soon. wrongfully, he began to get cocky. picked for a fight over sunningrocks, erminepaw figured they’d easily come out as victors with the moves he’d be pulling out on some of the most senior of warriors. rather, it was completely the other way around. riverclan ambushed them, surprising the battle patrol and easily keeping them back. on their attempted retreat, erminepaw had skidded off the damp rocks only to slam his jaw against one of the stones as he fell into the river. unable to snag their claws into his fur to keep erminepaw with them, the battle patrol lost an apprentice to the water. whether or not it was lucky, riverclan ended up finding him barely breathing, washed up on the shore farther into their territory with a bloodied face. upon being brought to the riverclan camp and taken into their care, it was revealed that erminepaw had a broken jaw.

a couple moons went by since then, erminepaw living with the riverclan cats solely because he wasn’t fit to travel yet. instead, he was kept inside of the medicine cat’s den, trying to learn how to adjust to his new disability. despite being from another clan, the riverclan medicine cat cared for him like a clanmate, something that erminepaw never admitted he appreciated aloud. when he was deemed fit enough for travel, it was at the half moon medicine cat meeting that the news was shared to thunderclan that erminepaw was still alive and in their care. riverclan would hand their apprentice back to him upon the fact that they kept clear of sunningrocks. somehow, that settled with spiderstar and erminepaw was taken home by a patrol of his clanmates.

in his first moon back, erminepaw had trouble adjusting. his clanmates seemed awkward around him, equally for the fact of his new appearance and they had thought he was dead. his mother, hazelnose, fretted over him, wondering constantly if he was capable of feeding himself while his sisters were frightened of even talking to him, warriors by now. finally, thrushpelt, who felt like she had failed her apprentice by not keeping a closer eye on him. after talking it over with the dark tabby, wearing his heart on his sleeve for the first time, they were able to reconcile and erminepaw was capable of going back to training.

at the age of seventeen moons, erminepaw finally passed his assessment and was named erminejaw for his appearance – although his mother had called his name, it seemed she was the most shaken about the way spiderstar had named him. however, erminejaw took it in stride, choosing to wear the moniker proudly and prove that he was more than a broken warrior.

not much else happened in erminejaw’s life up until he was suddenly given an apprentice of the name stormpaw. a spitfire, the little she-cat was much more animated than erminejaw had ever been in his life; it was safe to say they were matched for their personality types. hoping to soften her constant excitement about everything in the world, such a thing he was severely unused to, it never proved to be effective. instead, erminejaw was capable of rubbing off his watchful eye onto the she-cat. what even gave the she-cat her warrior name, stormgaze, was the time she caught onto a battle patrol from shadowclan slipping into their territory, warning the clan. after successfully defeating their attackers, erminejaw had never felt prouder, demanding that spiderstar give the she-cat her warrior name that same night. unable to deny the request, a terrible evening had been made into a joyous night, stormgaze becoming one of erminejaw’s closest friends since that day despite their seemingly monochromatic personalities.

it was when erminejaw was closer to forty moons that his sister, lavenderwing, had a litter of kittens with one of the younger warriors of the clan. although having not truly reconciled with his sisters after coming back to the clan with a twisted jaw, they were family and erminejaw became one of the first few cats to get a look at his family… and it was then that he realized he wanted some form of this himself. until then, erminejaw truly hadn’t thought about having a family, nor a mate. the tom hadn’t even remembered anyone trying to court him, even. not wanting to push himself towards it either, it was nearly ten moons later before erminejaw found himself having feelings for his old mentor, thrushpelt. having always kept close, there was always a flutter in his stomach or a tightening in his heart when he was around the she-cat now. after uncomfortably confessing these odd feelings to her, she had flicked his twisted jaw with the end of her tail tip with a laugh and said that she loved him too.

experiencing love for another cat like this was a new feeling for erminejaw and while he didn’t want to rush into it, the two of them were quickly faced with a pregnancy a few moons into their relationship. almost as excited as he was nervous, thrushpelt assured him that when the kittens came, that nervousness would fade. so, he believed her. but, thrushpelt never told him how that when leafbare came, just a moon into her pregnancy, it would leave her with greencough… nor how that sickness would turn into whitecough, shortly taking her life and the kittens inside of her with.

not having ever opened his heart like that, it nearly crushed erminejaw to loose so much so quickly. instead of continuing to mourn for their loss, erminejaw forced himself to work harder in thunderclan and get captured the day to day tasks again; while bottling up his feelings wasn’t the best way to cope, it worked for him.and it seemed, by the time erminejaw was sixty moons, all that hard work paid off. upon spiderstar’s death, the newly named snowstar appointed him as her new deputy. surprised, erminejaw lifted his twisted chin and gladly took the position.

throughout snowstar’s reign, there were the high and low moments that all the clans in the forests had. erminejaw had even been given another apprentice, a young tom of the name gopherpaw. more calm and level headed than stormgaze had been, erminejaw had a good time training him. however, no cat could count for such bloodshed to happen on the shadowclan border that took snowstar and then gopherpaw’s lives. having to deal with their loss, erminejaw once again dug his sorrow deep into his work as he traveled to the moonstone to receive his lives from starclan. deemed worthy, the newly named erminestar was given nine lives at the age of seventy-seven moons.

since then, erminestar has led his clan proudly through the terrible moons all clans have faced.


kennedy, troutshade

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